Trade Approved Scales

Trade Approved Scales

Trade approved weighing scales certified for selling of goods based on weight. Highly accurate and reliable equipment tested and verified for commercial transactions. Includes pallet truck scales, price computing scales, compact balances, and more.

All Trade EC Approved scales are government stamped by Weights and Measures and can be used for trade purposes such as retail outlets repacking goods or even for weighing freight goods via couriers where the total amount of weight is to be invoiced. These scales can be used for charging the weight of the goods direct to the customer.

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  1. CS3MXC Digital Cash Register Scale with PLU Keys
    CS3MXC Digital Cash Register Scale with PLU Keys

    CS3MXC Digital Cash Register Scale with PLU Keys and Integrated Cashier and Weighing System - dual weighing 6Kg in 2g followed by 15Kg in 5g. Supplied with cash draw stainless plate size 330mm x 230mm with paper thermal printer and mains /battery operation.

    High Speed
    Printing speed up to 150mm/s. High-speed printing enhances the checkout experience that can move customers quickly through the line

    Inbuilt Battery
    Inbuilt battery(option) and power-saving design avoid data loss due to sudden power-off

    Insect-proof Loop Design
    Patented design to prevent insect entry; Extend the scale working life

    Cloud Networking
    Support cloud networking function



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  2. MCWN Series Suspended Crane Scale
    As low as £424.00

    MCWN Crane scale easy to use and reliable professional digital crane scales, for weighing in industrial environments 300kg to 9000kg, fitted with protective transport case.

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  3. SJ Series Compact Balance
    As low as £512.00

    SJ Series Compact Balance. Ideal shop/retail/Jewellers scale for the buying and selling of Jewellery, diamonds, gold and any other precious metals.

    Available in capacities 220g x 0.01g, 620g x 0.01g, 2.2kg x 0.1g and 6.2kg x 1g.

    Class II Weights And Measures Trade Approved.


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  4. WQJ EC Trade Approved Scale
    As low as £380.00

    WQJ EC Weight And Measures Trade Approved Scale. Capacities range from 60kg to 300kg with simple counting mode. Small plate size 420mm x 520mm large plate 600mm x 600mm with mains and rechargeable battery operation.


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  5. Trade EC Approved WA2 Bench Scale
    As low as £164.00

    Bench Scale WA2 Weights And Measures EC Approved bench scale. Capacities range from 3kg x 1g to 30kg x 10g stainless steel plate size 290mm x 220mm with mains and rechargeable battery operation.

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  6. Stainless Steel LP U Frame Pallet Weigher EC Approved
    As low as £1,205.00

    A12 Weights and measures trade EC approved stainless steel stamped U Frame pallet weigher From 500Kg to 2000Kg. Mains and rechargeable battery opeation.

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  7. Ohaus FD Stainless Steel Food Portioning Scale
    As low as £450.00


    Speed, Durability and Cleanliness Designed for Food Service Use.
    The FD is a rugged, multi-use portioning scale designed for use in food service applications. Ideally suited for food portioning and check weighing, the FD combines an easily cleaned design, fast display and high precision load cell. Designed for use in restaurants, bakeries, food manufacturing and other areas requiring fast operation and flexibility, the FD scale offers durability and cleanliness in one economical design.
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  8. VALOR™ 1000 - V12P
    Ohaus VALOR™ 1000 - V12P Stainless Steel Bench Scale - Trade Approved Options Available
    As low as £117.00

    With a food-safe design that is NSF-certified and supports a HACCP system, the Valor®1000 Series is a reliable choice for general food weighing.

    Easy-to-operate Valor®1000 scales feature two-button operation, a large backlit LCD display and up to 1,500-hour battery life.

    Trade Approved Options available 


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    TPWLK Logistics Series Pallet Truck Scale
    As low as £1,185.00

    Professional pallet truck scale with extractable rechargeable Instplug battery and printer for tracking the weighing operations. Approved versions are available.

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  10. PS1XD Digital Flat Retail Scale with PLU Keys
    PS1XD Digital Flat Retail Scale with PLU Keys
    As low as £204.00

    PS1XD Digital Retail Scale with PLU Keys dual Range Retail Scale. Options available: 

    • 6Kg in 2g followed by 15Kg in 5g
    • 15Kg x 5g followed by 30Kg x 10g

    Ultra Power-saving Design
    Ultra Power-saving design(patent), 3pcs dry batteries for 2-year using; No power cable needed, the scale can be moved to wherever you want;

    Multi-customer Accumulating Function
    With Multi-customer accumulating function, scale is able to service 5 customers simultaneously. The powerful function makes one scale used as five scales.

    High-sensitive Keyboard
    A high-Sensitive light touch keyboard gives you an excellent touching experience; Fast and extremely easy to operate.

    External Connection
    High Connectivity with ECR & POS & Printer

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